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The Volcanic Climax

Writer: Andrew Ferlitsch

She was a princess of a young dynasty, living in ancient times. She had always been fatalistic, but her lover, her partner, was completely devoted to her. She had asked him many times if he would follow her into the volcano if the need arose. In the early stages of their love, he would hesitate, but as their bond grew deeper, he assured her that he would follow her without hesitation. To solidify his commitment, she tied a rope around herself and then him, ensuring that he would not resist.

On this particular day, she stepped outside and noticed the sun rising and the moon setting on the horizon. The full moon had a red tint that cast a glow around her. The air at the base of the volcano felt unusually cool, with a gentle breeze. As she looked up toward the volcano’s summit, she noticed a change. Normally, there would be a silvery white cloud encircling the top, with the white dragon blowing its cool breath, creating frosted crystals in the clouds. However, today, the clouds and crystals were absent. Unbeknownst to her, the white dragon had recently given birth to three cubs and was huddled in a cave just below the crest, protecting its young. Its cool breath now flowed down the mountainside instead of into the clouds above.

She observed that what was once volcanic rock now appeared as frosted steps, shimmering in the morning sun, leading from the crest. Today, she thought, was the day.

She began her preparations by bathing in the warm springs of the volcano, cleansing herself both physically and spiritually. Returning inside, she retrieved a jar and carefully applied a white paste to her hair, eyebrows, eyelids, and lips, transforming herself into a vision of purity. She then selected a gown made of meticulously woven white silk, which clung to her body like a second skin and slipped into her elegant white sandals.

In addition to her attire, she picked up two grass sashes. Over the years, she had collected the white feathers that had gracefully descended from the white dragon residing on the volcano. With great care, she had woven these feathers into her own set of wings, symbolizing her
connection to the majestic creature.
Her lover, her partner, entered the room and paused, taking in her ethereal appearance. Without a word, she simply pointed to the shelf where the rope and a bolo, a cutting tool, were kept. He understood her silent request and took a deep breath before grabbing the rope and the bolo. They were ready.
Stepping outside, she began her ascent up the stone steps, her lover following closely behind. The atmosphere was different today as if the universe itself recognized the significance of their journey. As they reached the end of the stone steps, her partner moved ahead, skillfully clearing a path through the brush with the bolo, ensuring a smooth passage for her. The vegetation gradually gave way to the volcanic rock, which now resembled a glistening white staircase, as if adorned by the breath of the white dragon. He could feel the cool frost beneath his feet, a sign that the dragon and its three cubs were nearby, nestled in a cave with its wings protectively enveloping them. Undeterred, she pressed on, and he faithfully followed.

As they reached the crest, the moon was nearly set, leaving just a light red shimmer along the rim. The sun had risen higher, melting away the frost that had accumulated on their bodies. She paused at the rim, taking in the breathtaking view. He remained silent, understanding the weight of the moment. She handed him the sashes with the wings, and he carefully placed them on her back. The sun’s rays now glimmered through and along her hair, eyebrows, lips, dress, and wings, creating an ethereal white purity.

With a graceful motion, she loosened her dress, letting it slide down to the volcanic rock at her feet. He followed suit, loosening his loincloth and letting it fall to the ground. She reached back with one hand, and he hesitated for a moment before handing her the rope. She tied the rope around her waist and then extended her hand towards him, offering the other end of the rope. He paused, feeling the weight of their commitment, before taking the rope and tying it to his own waist.

He tugged on the rope, gradually cinching it until their bodies were tightly pressed together. He noticed her hands trembling and instinctively clasped them, holding them firmly in his own. Noticing a small space between the rope and his hips, he pulled her arms into the gap and cinched the rope one final time. Their bodies were now solidly pressed together, and her arms were locked tightly around his hips. They paused, feeling the weight of their decision. Time seemed to stand still as they waited, their hearts beating in unison. After a moment, she leaned forward, uncertainty lingering in the air. But then, she felt the presence of her lover deep inside her, and a sense of contentment washed over her. In that moment, she realized that this connection was far more fulfilling than any leap into the unknown.

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