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kidnap role play fantasy

The role-playing kidnap.

Writer: Andrew Ferlitsch

In this scenario, we have discussed all safety measures and safety signs. When you’re gagged, you stump your feet twice – that tells me to ungag you. At certain points of the play we agree I ask “are you okay”?

First, we prepare. We get collar wrist and ankle restraints – the good stuff is stainless steel and 14K carat gold plated. We get a restraint face mask that forces your mouth to stay open and a penis gag. We get a penis slip-on to extend my penis from 7” to 8.5 inches and thicker. We rent a room at a disgusting motel – frequented only by long-haul truckers and call girls.

We know we need to transport you from your place to the motel. Somebody might notice and call 911. We discussed how we would handle that. We get a cosplay face mask and wig to conceal your face restraints. We get a pencil skirt to the ankles a full-length shawl to conceal your body in restraints, and a pair of wedge sandals. I am dressed in a nonbinary cosplay look so we match.

Everything is a go. At 10:30 pm you take an over-the-counter sleeping aid. At 11 pm you go to sleep. You strip everything off except a pair of panties. You do your best to fall asleep on your side. I show up at 2 a.m. I have a key. I open the door and quietly enter and proceed to your bedroom. You’re in deep sleep from the sleeping aid. I roll you onto your stomach. I pull your arms behind your back while you’re in deep sleep and put on the gold-plated wrist restraints. I then do the same for your ankles. Then I put the gold-plated neck choker on you. I attach a short chain in the back between the choker restraint and the wrist restraints so your wrists are halfway up your back.

Now I wake you. I kind of shake you. I do a few light taps to the face. You start waking up from a deep sleep. You’re druggy. You slowly remember what the plan is, while you realize you’re fully restrained. I came with a single shot of whiskey. I tell you, “You will need this”. While restrained, you open your mouth and I pour the shot in – you shallow. We keep working on getting you un-drowsy. You are fully awake now, you’ve shaken off the drowsiness. I ask you if you want to continue. You look at me and say did you need to ask and you smile at me while your body is fully restrained in our 14K carat gold plated stainless steel restraints and wearing just your fave panties. It’s on!

I put on you the restraint face mask with straps going under your chin and over the back of your head – and your mouth is held wide open. I ask if you want to continue. – It’s the last chance before you’re gagged. You can’t smile, but I can see the glitter look in your eyes and the head nod yes. I place the penis gag thru the restraint mouth opening into your mouth and buckle it into place. I wait a moment for you to adjust your breathing. I ask if you want to continue. – you nod yes.

I slip on the pencil skirt to conceal the ankle restraints. Then I put over your shoulders the below the waist hanging shawl to conceal your restrained arms. I slip on the wedge shoes on your feet and have you stand up. I place the cosplay mask and wig on you to conceal the face restraints. You practice taking short steps with the restrained ankles until with the pencil skirt it looks normal. Okay, we are ready for the car.

The disgusting motel is just 1.5 miles away. We need to make it there without getting pulled over by the police. I have nothing to drink this evening just in case. I walk you out of your house, lock the door, and walk you to the passenger side of the car. I open the door and get you comfortably seated and then sit belted. I ask if you want to continue. – you nod yes. We had printed a copy of our safety plans and consent. I placed it in the glove box in case we are pulled over.

I take a big gasp of air. I start the car. I am a bit nervous. I look right at you and say “Wow, we are really doing this”. I pull out of the driveway. I am driving a bit below the speed limit, I feel an adrenal rush. We make it about a mile. Somebody must’ve noticed something odd and called 911. A single patrol car is behind us and flashes its light. I look at you with the oh shit look. I gently pull over. I can see you are breathing heavily even with the penis gag as if you are struggling not to have a panic attack. I feel some panic too – but force myself to hold a straight face for the both of us.


We pull over to the side of the road. A moment passes and I feel tense and you are struggling with the heavy breathing being blocked by a penis gag. You are trying to relax yourself to adjust your breathing to the situation. A single officer gets out of the car and comes to the passenger window where you are and hand gestures to roll down the window. I rolled down the passenger window. He starts to talk to you but you can’t respond with the penis gag and face restraint. I inject myself and explain we are role-playing and she (you) is gagged and can’t talk.

He asks if you need assistance, and you nod no. He again asks if you are okay and you nod yes. He steps back and is talking on his radio. A minute goes by and a second patrol car pulls in. The officer gets out and comes to my driver-side window. The first officer removes your cosplay wig and mask – exposing the face restraint and penis gag. The second officer pulls his gun and instructs me to get out of the car.

He asks if you are okay, and you nod yes. 

I carefully exit the car while the gun is drawn on me. He tells me to face the vehicle and put my hands behind my back. He then handcuffs me and puts me in the rear passenger seat of his patrol car.

The first officer has unbuckled and removed your penis gag and face restraints. He asks to
verify are he okay. You say yes. He asks for your full name and date of birth. He talks into the radio. He asks for your ID. You explain your restraint and that your ID is in the glove box. He
opens the passenger door and assists you in stepping out of the car. A third patrol car has now arrived with a female officer. The second male officer returns to the patrol car where I am in the backseat and asks me about my relationship with you.

The female officer asks you if this is consensual. You say yes. You are much calmer now. She lifts the shawl and can see the 14k carat gold plated restraints. She lowers the shawl and asks if you want us to remove the restraints. You tell her no – it would spoil our evening. You tell her about the print of our plans and consent in the glove box. She opens the glove box retrieves it and glances through it.

A fourth patrol car arrives. It’s the police captain. I am still handcuffed and in the second patrol car with the second police officer outside. The first police officer the third (female) officer and the police captain huddle. The female officer hands our printed plans/consent to the police captain to read. They huddle afterward. You are very calm and smile at the female officer.

The police captain instructs the second officer to uncuff me. The police captain out of an abundance of concern instructs the officer to give me a sobriety test. You and I had discussed this possible scenario. I have chunky heel boots on and we had practiced heel-to-toe model walk in a straight line, each foot in front of the other, counting backward. The officer asked me to walk in a straight line. I do what we practiced. I do the model walk counting backwards each step from 100 until I get to 80. I stopped and spun around. I use both arms from my shoulders and drop them to my hips to show off my body and then I do the model walk back to the officer counting from 80 back to 60.

Okay, all five officers are watching and when I get to the last step they laugh. A sobriety test is done. Then they lecture us. It is not about the safety of our role-playing – but about the safety of you being restrained and gagged in a major vehicular accident. We are uncertain if they will let us continue. They discuss amongst themselves. The female officer talks to you about how important it is for you to be safe in a vehicle.

The decision on whether you can travel to the last .5 mile to the motel in restraints falls on the police captain. There is a pause. The police captain tells us he will allow it – but. They will make sure you are properly buckled into the vehicle and a patrol car will follow to the motel in case aid is needed if a major vehicular accident occurs. The female officer buckles you into the car and then follows us to the motel.

We got to the motel. I open the motel door while you’re in the car. The officer is standing outside of her patrol car watching. I help you out of the passenger seat and walk you to the motel room. You step in and I close the door.
The rest is left to the privacy of the bedroom.

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