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Letters from a wife to her husband

By Andrew Ferlitsch, Seattle

Allow me to introduce you to a tale of enduring love and passion that transcends the boundaries of age. My beloved wife and I, both in the vibrant autumn of our lives, continue to share a fervor that rivals the ardor of our youth. One of the charming traditions that keep our bond alive is her penchant for penning what she affectionately refers to as ‘wife letters’. I am delighted to share a few of these heartfelt missives with you.


The first letter I’d like to share was written during a time of significant change in our lives. My wife had to be away, visiting her family, coincidentally at the same time we had our offer accepted on a new house. Despite the timing, life had to go on. So, I, along with our two teenage children, my brother-in-law, and a professional moving company, undertook the task of relocating our lives into this new abode. My wife had seen the house when we made the offer, but she had yet to see it transformed into our home.



I so miss you having been away so long with my family. I will be back on Thursday, and should be at our new home at about 7pm. I look forward to seeing the new place for the first time. But even more, seeing you. It will be a bit strange knocking on the door, being the first time in our new home. When I walk in, I just want to wrap my arms around your neck, have you caress my body, and deeply kiss romantically.


Have a bottle of wine ready. After you show me our bedroom, I will change into evening bridal attire. You know, the pics I sent you shopping while I was away. You can pour our glasses while I change.


We can then snuggle on the coach and be romantic, and you know, I can warm you up. When we are finished with our wine, we can go to our bed. I so much want you on top and being just like that amazing bridal night so long ago.


Love you and kisses

Letter 2: My wife, a meticulous planner, cherishes our weekly date nights, a tradition we’ve upheld even in our late 50s. As Halloween approaches, she has orchestrated a unique evening for us. We’re set to attend a local, sex-positive social club, renowned for its open-minded atmosphere. This year, they’re hosting a Halloween party with a twist – a dungeon-themed extravaganza they’ve cheekily dubbed ‘Spank-a-ween’.



Here’s the plan for our date night. I will meet you there a few minutes before 9pm. I’ll be in the downstairs entrance area, if I recall there is a bench there. You show up showered, shaved, smell good and dress nice. I will be in an adorable pink lolita like outfit. Since the outfit will be inappropriate outside, I will cover myself up with a jacket and a light pair of slacks I can slip off once inside. When we get upstairs at the desk to sign in and pay, your right hand is firmly on the my ass, and your hand is to stay there until we get to our table. When we get there, I will slip off my slacks and take off my jacket and hang them on the back of my chair.


I will be wearing those adorable gold plate stainless steel wrist/ankle restraints as bracelets. I will have the pink heart shaped locks hanging off of them as a charm. The bracelets will look absolutely adorable. I will have that gold chain belt around my waist and another chain in my purse. Before we sit down, I will have you chain the ankle restraints together, but far enough apart I can still freely walk to the bar and back. For the wrist restraints, you will chain them to the gold chain belt around my waist, so my hands are next to my hips. Then we will go to the bar for drinks. You will put your hand on my ass again, and like lead me to the bar. In no exception, whenever I am standing up, your hand does not leave my ass.


As you know, the staff are all familiar with us and tell me how I am always the most adorably fashionable. But I don’t trust the other woman, I suspect they plan to outdo me on a night like this. It’s a grudge, and I have been planning and shopping ahead just for this night. I have pulled all the stops. I will be a neon sign, beaming and glittering and all the ‘other women’ will weep. I assure you honey, it will be a spectacle.


As for eating and drinking, I will need a straw and you will need a fork & knife to cut up my food to little pieces as you feed me. The dungeon show sounds very entertaining. If we have the chance to stand around a demonstration, your hand does not leave my ass.


Love you

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